Some Sounds I’ve Found

Very quickly, I’d like to put up a few videos for songs that I’ve recently come across. They are, not surprisingly, from musicians that I already love.

Why not a new discovery, a new band? There’s something to be said about finding new music from someone you already enjoy. It feels like fulfilment and, irrationally, that it’s something which belongs but was lost. That sentiment can only happen with musicians/bands that you already know. I think you could apply this to other forms of entertainment as well. Books comes to mind, but movies as well. Anyone who gets indignant about the perceived decline of a movie franchise goes through this. It’s because there’s an already garnered love.

Anyhow, the first is a video for a song called “Walking with a Ghost” and is performed by the White Stripes. It’s a cover, but I love their covers almost as much as I love their original music. It’s not an official video (that I can tell), but it is brilliant.

Next is a song from Queens of the Stone Age. They have a new album that I’m eagerly awaiting, and this song is one reason why. Have a listen to “I Appear Missing”.

The last is from Atoms for Peace, and the song is called “Ingenue”. Technically they’re a ‘new’ band, but because it’s Thom Yorke (who is an established favourite of mine), I can’t put it in the ‘new’ bucket.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy!


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